About us

We smoke every day, inhale nicotine and refresh ourselves, but nicotine makes us develop dependence and damages our health.

We drink coffee cup by cup every day and various functional drinks to replenish our energy. But when we eat these, we also eat more sugar, making us fat and damaging our health.

We stay up late every night. It is inevitable that we will toss and turn and develop bad sleep habits.

Caffy bar is an innovative technology. It delivers us a share of caffeine, melatonin and vitamins in the form of vape. More importantly, it does not contain any nicotine. It advocates a completely healthy vape lifestyle.

Caffy Bar Caffeine vape is a premium energy aid engineered for peak performance. it contains zero nicotine, could Extend daily energy.

Caffy Bar Melatonin vape  aim to Support Better Sleep , manager your  sleep habits and induce calmness .

Caffy Bar Vitamin vape  aim to improve the Vitamin B12 levels .