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Caffy Bar Caffeine Vape Flavors Review

Caffy Bar each flavors contains caffeine inside, caffeine is  a natural stimulant most commonly found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. which could Extend your daily energy , Caffy bar Caffeine device 's formula is designed to support peak performance. here 's the flavors list :

Watermelon a juicy watermelon flavour perfect for summer, with a cool and refreshing kick that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.

citrus burst   :. Refresh and invigorate your palette with a blast of citrus, bringing sweetness and sourness together in a marvellous blend.

Sunshine Grape  a simple, elegant device that delivers the classic flavour of succulent sweet grapes. Perfect for anyone who loves to vape a rich flavour.

Lemon Minta delightful lemon-mint flavour is complemented by a mellow fresh undertone. This disposable vape tastes plenty fresh, without the harsh burn of a typical menthol cigarette.

Cafe latteCafe flavour is the ideal vape for morning coffee drinkers. It has an aromatic and strong coffee taste.

Blue Razza mouth-watering flavour inspired by slushy beverages and offers a mouth-watering mix of rich, juicy blueberry and sharp, tangy raspberry with a sugary sweetness that is utterly moreish.

Bananaenjoy the flavour of banana vape with an icy hint of mint! Sweet, caramelised banana is infused with cool mint for a smooth, frozen banana treat you'll want to savour all day. Fruity on the inhale and icy on the exhale, you'll go bananas for Banana Ice!

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