What is Melatonin Vape?

What is Melatonin Vape?

Modern vape technology is all about health, to support energy, sleep, vitamin levels and healthy habits.

Our Caffy Bar store currently has three types of healthy vape: Caffeine vape, Vitamin vape, and Melatonin vape.

What is Melatonin Vape?

Melatonin is an amine hormone produced by the pineal gland. The main effect and effect, can promote the human body to effectively enter the sleep state, calm, calm, anti-convulsion and so on.

At the same time, this hormone can effectively regulate the body's biological rhythm.

A lack of melatonin, which peaks at night, it can lead to insomnia. It also speeds up the aging process.

Melatonin Vape Eliminates bad sleep habits with a rapid melatonin delivery system designed to unlock deeper restorative rest.

The components of Melatonin Vape:

  • Zero nicotine, propylene glycol or Vitamin E acetate
  • Sourced in the USA with USP-grade ingredients
  • 40mg Melatonin infused with vegetable base
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