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What's the difference between Caffy Bar Vape and cigarettes?

Many consumers still have misconceptions about Caffy Bar Vape and don't know whether Caffy Bar Vape are more harmful than real cigarettes. In fact,Caffy Bar Vapes are healthy and harmless.

  1. Different raw materials.

Caffy Bar Vape is a kind of microelectronic technology product, which is including caffeine vape, vitamin vape,melatonin vape, they are not made from tobacco, and it is composed of atomizer, lithium battery and smoke shell, it only mimics the taste of cigarette.

The raw material of real tobacco is tobacco, a widely grown herb, which can be used to make cigarettes, dry tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc.

     2, The combustion principle is different.

Caffy Bar Vape produce smoke by atomizing the oil, unlike traditional tobacco, which is burned. Traditional cigarettes burn at a temperature of 800-1000 degrees Celsius, and at such high temperatures, many kinds of decomposing substances are produced, up to 4,000 kinds, about half of which we don't know what they are.

The atomization temperature of Caffy Bar Vape is about 170~200 degrees, and the material composition of Caffee Bar Vape oil can be clearly known. It is composed of glycerin, water, plant extract and other components, without harmful substances.

    3, The smoke is different.

Caffy Bar Vape smoke is different from traditional cigarette smoke, which is water vapor, which is large and less granular.

Traditional cigarettes are smoke and are solid particles, so they have different effects on human lungs.

The larger the cigarette particles, people smoke to the lungs, do great harm to the human body.


  1. Smell different.

Caffy Bar Vape does not smell, so after smoking Caffee Bar Vape mouth and clothes do not smell, breath fresh as usual, will not cause trouble to others.

Traditional cigarettes: While traditional cigarettes have a heavy taste, people who like to smoke often have a thick smoke smell, which is very unpleasant.

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